It’s a Buyer’s Market Right Now

In August of this year, The Press Democrat reported that the number of new listings had ballooned the inventory of houses for sale that month to the most since 2011.

By September, home sales in Sonoma County had dropped to an 11-year low, leaving a hefty inventory for buyers to peruse.

According to, Sonoma County’s median sales price closed out at $615,000 in November, a decrease of 7.56 percent on an annual basis.

Plus, there were more than 1,500 properties on the market, an increase of 28.3 percent from November 2017.

Here is a recap of the data:

Median Sales Price

Nov. 2018 $615,000 (down 7.5%)

Nov. 2017 $665,000

Properties on the Market

Nov. 2018 – 65 days (three fewer days)

Nov. 2017 – 68 days

Number of Homes for Sale

Nov. 2018 1542 (up drastically by 28.3%)

Nov. 2017 1202

Average Price Per Square Foot

Nov. 2018 $430 (down 3.2%)

Nov. 2017 $444

Couple today’s real estate market with the current 30-year mortgage rates, which have dropped from 5.10% in mid-November of this year to 4.83% right now, and you have the perfect time to buy a house.

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